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“At Travel Hub, it is our policy to provide a first-rate personalized service to all of our clients from the initial enquiry stages, to the completion of the tour. We pride ourselves on being innovative; providing a service with a personal touch that tailors each and every trip to your own specific tastes, needs and budget.”– Adnan Berri, CEO& Founder of Travel Hub S.A.R.L


General Profile Introduction

Established in 2017, Travel Hub is a travel agency located at New Airport road. With its dealings with local and global suppliers to ensure all packages provided are as desired by the market, Travel Hub established a solid name within the market in a short time interval, competing with well-grounded names of travel agencies within Lebanon.

Its welcoming and professional travel consultants provide their best efforts and services in ensuring customer desires and needs are met in terms of pricing, lodging, and traveling.

Travel Hub is differentiated from other travel agencies with its speedy response and ease of access for clients and potential clients through all social media platforms and other communication means.

With its prominent investors and distinguished management team, Travel Hub is looking into expanding its business into the field of innovation – thereby providing facilitated and speedy services in an innovative manner. Travel Hub management aims at being the pioneer of innovation within the travel industry, and is always available for any party interested in reaching out regardless of profession or background.

As the name clearly states, Travel Hub is the hub for ideas, sentiments, and plans for all travel junkies and adventurers all around the world.


Business Approach

Our team of highly qualified multicultural travel agents has deep roots and knowledge of the language and culture of business required to address the demands of the market on a world-wide basis. We pride ourselves on being a multilingual group providing services in Arabic, English and French and with our presence in Lebanon and soon in Europe. We are geared-up for efficiency and accessibility through the range of services we offer with a commitment to providing our clients with passionate and skilled travel consultancy.

Our aim is to deliver world-class services to world-class clients regionally and worldwide while developing long-term client relationships where our clients will benefit not only from the expertise of our consultants but as well from the agency’s network of partners, affiliates and its sustainable connections in the region as we take a step further into acquiring a no.1 technology and innovation concept in the field of Travel.


Areas of Expertise

Our team is composed of professionals with over 8+ years of experience within the Travel field. Our team’s areas of expertise are (i) corporate, (ii) ticketing, (iii) VIP clientele, (iv) leisure, and most importantly, (v) innovation.

Travel Hub’s prime focus is on providing its clients with the best quality of service for an excellentprice through innovative platforms. Travel Hub management is also working on expanding its business scope by creating a new entity specialized for providing e-travel consultancy services through its own platform. Thereby, creating a “hub” for all local travel agencies onto one platform.



Travel Hub utilizes innovative ideas and forward thinking to adopt a hands-on approach in providing high-end quality andprofessional customer service.



We aim at providing travelers with the most user-friendly, reliable and speedy travel solutions through our innovative team of highly experienced travel consultants.



Innovation, reliability, and integrity


Leadership and Team

Our main asset in client satisfaction is our professional staff. We provide our clients with individual attention and direct personal access to our administrative officers and consultants.

Our team and network include multilingual travel consultants, accountants, and consultants from various backgrounds enriching the group with a diversity of disciplines.


Mr. Dany Houwayek – Senior Operations Manager

Mr. Dany Houwayek has over ten years of experience within the field of Travel and Tourism. With a solid work background and experience in the MENA region, Mr. Dany has acquired managerial and consultancy skills to hold the title of Senior Operations Manager with our team. Mr. Dany speaks Arabic, English, and French and holds a B.A. in Travel and Tourism from Institut Technique etProfissionel de la Fondation – Al Kafaat.


Ms. LayalAbou Zahra – Operations Manager

Ms. LayalAbou Zahra has seven years of experience as Travel Consultant and an Operations officer within the field of Travel and Tourism. Currently holding the position Operations Manager, Ms. Layalhas acquired exceptional customer service skills thereby managing all her accounts in a prompt and timely manner. Ms. Layal speaks Arabic, English, and French and holds a B.A. in Tour Guidance and an M.A. in Travel and Tourism – Lebanese University.


Ms. Nathalie Ibrahim – Travel Consultant

Ms. Nathalie Ibrahim has over four years of experience in the field of Travel and Tourism, and administration. With her dynamic personality and professionalism, Ms. Nathalie acquired the position of Travel Consultant in our team, attending to customers concerns and needs in a friendly and timely manner.


Ms. ReemBerri – Accountant

Ms. ReemBerri began her career path with Travel Hub by solely launching and managing the accounting department. Ms. Reem speaks Arabic and English fluently and holds a B.Sc. in Information Technology and Operations Management – Lebanese American University.


Mr. Ahmad Rabah – Support and Technology Manager

Mr. Rabah began his career path at Travel Hub as the Support and Technology Manager. Providing support for the operations and accounting systems. Mr. Ahmad speaks Arabic and English fluently and holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science – Lebanese American University.


Ms. Aida Fneich – Business Development Manager

Ms. Aida Fneich has five years of experience in the fields of Operations, Management, and Business Law. With her extensive experience, Ms. Aida Fneich acquired the position of  Business Development Manager, applying all tools and solutions for better clientele, communication, and administrative services. Ms. Aida speaks Arabic, English and French and holds  B.Sc. in Management Information Systems, and an LL.M. in Business Law – Lebanese American University.


Mr. Adnan Berri – General Manager

Mr. Adnan Berri is the founder and general manager of Travel Hub S.A.R.L. With his watchful eye on company operations and departments, Mr. Adnan Berri also serves as the Chief Executive Officer where he handles all key decisions related to the growth and the future of the company. Mr. Adnan speaks Arabic and English and holds a B.Sc. in Management, and an LL.M. in Business Law – Lebanese American University.


Introducing My Travel Packages

Established in 2018, My Travel Packages is a travel search and discovery service that connects all travel agencies in Lebanon in one platform.

My Travel Packages is the pioneer in E-travel services within the MENA region. The former has been established by creating a search engine that allows third parties to compare prices of tickets, packages, hotel bookings, and offers for various travel agencies in Lebanon.

Alongside the above, My Travel Packages is a portal for all wanderlusts and travel junkies looking for a new adventure, a new experience, or a new challenge to take in and enjoy – and all is only one click away. My Travel Packages aims on becoming the hub for all parties within the travel sector.

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